Tinder or Happn: which application to choose to meet singles?

Do not know which application to choose for dating? As with everything today, the internet offers a lot of options, and it is often difficult to navigate and choose the most recommended option for our profile. Thus, comparisons are developed to allow you to save time in your research. We wanted today to help you choose between Happn or Tinder to meet people. These two famous applications have their own strengths, and everything will depend on what you expect from this type of application. What is certain is that you will be able to meet each other!

Happn is a French application. The goal of its developers was precisely to compete with Tinder, the reference application on the dating market. Although Tinder remains known to a greater number of people, thanks to its many advertising campaigns, Happn is not left out. This dating app is enjoying increasing success among singles from all over France. If that interests you, we propose you today to separate these two applications, to see which one wins the greatest number of strong points.

What are the differences between Happn and Tinder?

To determine which is the best application, we suggest you discover what the benefits and strengths of each of the applications we review today. You will see that the match may seem tight!

Strengths and weaknesses of Tinder online

Tinder is well known to the general public. The dating site uses fun advertising campaigns, which are broadcast on the various networks available to the public. You have already seen one of these campaigns! Here are the highlights of the application:

A large community. Tinder online (http://tinderpc.net/) has a lot of subscribers. This way, you will have more choice among the users, which will allow you to find more easily the profile adapted to your research.
The principle of the match. The Tinder app is the first to have developed the famous match. It is therefore on this dating site that this option is the fastest. Different user profiles are available, and you can choose to like them, or reject them according to your preferences.
Attractive prices. Tinder’s tariff is relatively low. So you can try the application as you wish, without spending a crazy amount. This is a real asset on the dating application market!

The weak points of Tinder:

Little serious research. The principle of the match sometimes makes difficult the serious meetings on Tinder. Subscribers are there to “consume” profiles, without even detailing, they reject the profiles according to the physical. These people do not generally seek love, they want a simple and fast meeting, simply physical, with someone with an attractive physique.
Many fake profiles. There are so many profiles that Tinder moderation can not remove all false profiles. You will have to do it if you choose the application to make your meetings!

Features of Happn

Happn is a more recent application, which you may not know yet. Its principle is the same as Tinder, meet people near you. Let’s first discover his main strengths:

  • Targeted localization Happn allows you to target the location of other singles, so you can find profiles that live near you. However, this location is very accurate on the application. You can even see the people you meet in the street, and track their movements in real time! Few applications allow these options.
  • Serious meetings. People who use Happn are mainly looking for serious encounters. It is in this sense that Happn proposes, on which many couples have already formed.
  • Many options. Happn brings together many amazing options, which are not available on all applications of this kind. For example, you can use the countdown to make appointments to other singles. Its principle is simple: choose a meeting, like going for a drink or a walk. The countdown begins ! Other singles now have 6 hours to position themselves on your proposal.
  • A free profile. Although Happn is at a higher rate than Tinder, this app can be used for free. Indeed, you will not have access to all the features, but you can still enjoy a free account Happn to discover the universe of the application, and start meetings.

The disadvantages of Happn:

  • Fewer subscribers Happn has fewer subscribers than its main competitor, Tinder. The choices of singles will be reduced. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. You will give more importance to other singles in this way!
  • Spy on travel. The ability to spy on subscriptions may not please everyone, and some people may even feel spied on. If this is your case, by choosing a subscription Happn premium, you can say goodbye to this problem. To do this, you just have to hide your profile whenever you want.

How to register on a dating app?

For both dating sites, registration will take you very little time. In addition, you can choose to register manually, or prefer the use of your Facebook account. By going through Facebook, the application will take all the data shared on the social network, to create a profile that suits you. You can then freely modify this information, so that the profile suits you better.

Happn and Tinder can be used on your mobile phone. For that, you will only have to download the applications which correspond to them. They are very simple to find on the internet, it should not be a problem!

Our conclusion: what to choose between Happn and Tinder?

To know which application to choose in the end, you must know what type of meetings you want to do. This answer will determine your needs, and therefore the best application for you.

On Tinder, you will find many more profiles than on Happn. However, the principle of this application is more for quick encounters. Registrants are mainly looking for ephemeral stories, one-night meetings, which are not meant to last. If this is the type of meeting you want to do, then you will have to turn to Tinder. Know that users of this dating site are mainly present to flirt, looking for adventures of all kinds.

By choosing Happn, conversely, you will have fewer profiles available. However, that does not mean that it will be possible to make fewer meetings, on the contrary! The fact that this number of profiles is less important allows you to focus more on the proposed profiles. You can take the time to chat with other singles, get to know them, set an appointment … And it could lead to a beautiful love story! People registered on Happn generally look for love and serious stories. If this is your case too, you should not hesitate! In addition to that, the reviews of Happn are very positive. You should try it yourself!

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