Some tips for creating a business mobile app

Tips for Building an Effective Small Business Mobile App

Some companies want to create an application to strengthen their marketing strategy, others to improve their internal management … The features that your future application will have are only a small part of your project. You will need to think of some other aspects of application development to define an altarpiece project.

Where to start the definition of an application project?

Let’s start with the basics: do you want to create an app for iPhone or Android? Or maybe Windows Phone? Do not forget that smartphones and tablets have different screen resolutions, so it will adapt the application to each device for it to work properly. This definition of the technical needs is easily done in the case of mobile applications intended for the internal use of the company, especially if it is a VSE or an SME. Just ask the employees what operating system they use. If the company has sufficient financial resources, it could buy similar smartphones for the entire team to simplify application development. However, things get complicated if the future mobile application is intended for the general public. It will be necessary to do a market research to discern the preferences of your target audience.

Do not forget the UX.

Whatever the objectives you want to achieve with the future application, it must meet two basic requirements, otherwise users may get bored after a few moments of use: the simplicity and the utility. Only propose a function if you are completely sure that it represents a real interest for users. For example, a project management application for your employees could contain a task manager, a chat for direct and instant communication and an option to upload documents, but would it be essential to use geolocation or the camera ? Keep in mind that adding these two features will make the application more complex and increase the cost of development. However, you will still be able to add them later, even if your application is already in use. Why rush things?

Make user reviews your starting point for any project related to your application. After all, they will decide to use it or give it up. You can send evaluation forms to your employees to know their feelings about the tool. Feel free to ask them what improvements could be made. For consumer apps, it’s a good idea to check user reviews regularly for feedback.

Finally, form a team.

If we insist so much on the need to define your project precisely, it is also because you will need to know its technical characteristics in order to find a good developer. An iOS developer does not master the same programming languages ​​as an Android developer

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