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Lovoo app for ios and android

Lovoo is a popular flirt app that has made mobile dating in Germany really popular. Since 2011 the invention exists from Dresden and existed before Tinder on the dating market. Initially, Lovoo started as a dating app, but the success was so great that later added a web version. Thus, the Flirtwilligen access not only on Android and iOS on Lovoo, but also quite normal on the PC.

The goal of the app is to make known registered users who are not far apart. The contact search is supported by the location of your smartphone or device.

Here are some numbers that confirm the popularity of Lovoo:

  • According to own data, 420 million chat messages are exchanged per month.
  • In total, Lovoo has accumulated over 70 million members worldwide since its inception.


Who is Lovoo suitable for?

Lovoo (https://lovooapp.com) is not a Dating Service in the true sense of the word, but – as the company calls itself – a “network for getting to know new people nearby”. Thus, Lovoo is also suitable for chatting, passing time and flirting, without a fixed desire for a relationship.

Most users are under 35 and therefore not really ready for serious dating. It is much more about the spontaneity of the meeting, e.g. If you’re in clubs and bars – just the thing for young people!

The introductory process at Lovoo is based on chance and photos. Therefore, no detailed profiles and search options are available. Thus, Lovoo is good for those people who would like to quickly find sympathetic acquaintances and make no clear demands on their contacts.

If you do not just want to look superficially, but have specific ideas about your dream partner and his personal qualities, you are in better hands with other dating sites.


How Lovoo Works


This is how the contact search on Lovoo works

  • Lovoo captivates above all with the easy handling. The search for new flirts takes place in a relaxed and playful way.
  • The users can rate the photos of other members in the game “Match” in terms of attractiveness. For the rating there are two options: “I like it” or “I do not like it”. If two users like each other, a match is made and getting to know each other is no longer an obstacle.
  • Also interesting is the location-based “Live radar”, which scans the area in real time for new flirts. In doing so, the Liveradar locates its own position and uses points to indicate who is staying nearby. When tapping on a point Lovoo displays image of the person, name, age and distance to their own location. The patented element does not exist in any other dating app.
  • “Environment” is another way to search for flirts. Here you will see profile photos of all users from the specified area in an overview.
  • To chat you have to have a match with the other person or use an “Icebreaker”. The Icebreaker are limited. Without a match or an Icebreaker, no cover letter from other users is possible.
  • The Live feature lets you show more of yourself in a real-time video, as well as seeing more of other users sharing their live recordings with the community.
  • The functions “Live” and “Live radar” are only available in the Lovoo app. The web version is less diverse because most members use Lovoo on the smartphone.

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